Solar Panel Project Consultancy


Solar Project Consultancy

A thorough solar site survey, area utilization & load calculations, along with a virtual simulation of the solar system project is the first step one should take to ensure to get the best performance from the solar power system.

Our Team does the site survey and checks the feasibility for the Solar project. Our team does all the paper-work with various Government and Discoms departments for approvals and for meeting other statutory compliances.

Few parameters that includes in our site survey are:
1. Shadow test: To collect maximum sunlight during the day, the solar PV panel should face south direction. The rooftop must be checked to be free from shadows of trees or adjoining buildings/construction or tower or hoardings.
2. Type of Structure required: Determining the type of Module mounting structure which varies from location to location and depends upon space availability.
3. Sizing of solar system: Calculating the average energy needs of the Building for finding capacity and type of system required.
4. Location of Equipment: Finding the right place to locate the other solar electronic components like Inverter, DC Combiner box, and AC Distribution Box.

Solar Engineering Services

Our Engineering division provides Solar PV Design and Drawing Services. We offer complete detail engineering services for Solar power projects.
List of documents generally made for Solar Power consultancy services:
1. Shadow Analysis and area diagram
2. Component Requirement and specification matching
3. Single Line Diagram
4. Cable Layout
5. Earthing Layout
6. Building Foundation layout for GI structure
7. Module mounting structure assembly
8. Plant Layout
9. Bill of quantity preparation

Solar Pojects

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