Residential Solar Panel Installation


Residential Solar Panel Installation

Are you looking for the perfect solution to reduce your monthly utility bills and at the same time take a proactive stance toward environmental responsibility? Solar panel installation is the answer! Residential solar power systems are highly affordable in terms of return on investment (ROI), clean and green source of energy for homes or any size.
The Benefits of Installing Solar Panels
Solar or Photovoltaic cells produce electricity directly from the Sun. Solar system installation on the rooftop will allow you to have a power plant at your own home at a very small price. It enables you to produce electricity and fulfill all your power needs. Yes! You can have zero electricity bill if you install a solar system that produces as many units as you consume. This is because you are allowed to sell electricity to the power producing companies via a process called net metering.

Advantages of solar power include:

* Lower electric bills
* Net metering : Sell your excess electricity units to the utility company and get credits for it.
* Environmental benefits : Reduce your carbon footprint, and run your home and offices on clean energy
* Tax benefit : Central Government has allowed solar system installers to claim depreciation of 40% on the first, 40% on the second and 20% on the third year of solar system installation. Hence, you can claim 71.2% of the solar system cost as depreciation!

Our Solar Panel Installation Process Unlike many other companies that install solar on the side and consider it there over the top business, we are only known for solar business. As specialists, we take pride in providing our customers with top-quality solar equipment, installation, and after-sales service..
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Solar Panel Installation

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