Solar Water Pump


Solar Water Pump

Solar Water Pumping system is just like any other water pump but with an exception that it works with the energy produced by solar panels. These systems are typically used for Fountain pumps, Pool pumps, Transfer pumps, Circulation pumps in ponds, providing water for livestock, Irrigation pumps, Home pumps, horticulture farms, and other similar applications. The use of solar water pump is more economical and convenient where grid electricity is not available. There are two types of Solar Water Pumps namely, Submersible Solar Pump and Surface Solar Pump, both of which are available in DC and AC.

Major components of Solar Water Pumping System:

* Solar Panels which generate power.
* Controller which controls the System.
* Motor Pump to lift the water..

We Have different types of Solar Water Pumps Like 1HP, 2HP, 3HP, 5HP & 10HP Mono block Submersible Solar Water Pumps. Let!s check advantage of Solar Water Pump.

Lets check advantage of Solar Water Pump:

1. They are low maintenance. Once installed, they do not incur any recurring costs of electricity or fuel since solar water pumps do not require any fuel or electricity to operate.
2. They are standalone systems and do not require any grid or batteries. These systems cannot be affected by power cuts or any of the grid problems like frequency fluctuations and phase change.
3. They can be installed in rural areas where electricity is not available.
4. Since no lubricant is used for the pumps operation, there’s no chance of soil contamination.
5. Since they have fewer moving parts, their maintenance and repairs will be a rare need.
6. Easy to install and operate.
7. 60% state and center subsidy and only 10% of the cost will be needed to be paid up front. The rest 30% will be financed by banks.
8. An investment for 25+years.

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